Welcome to the pages of my travels for 2017 and for those that enjoyed (!) the emails – I hope you like the upgrade…

At the start of the year, I lumbered off to SE Asia under the weight of a mahoosive backpack to do a spot of yoga in Thailand, eat my way through Georgetown, Malaysia, build up my Vit D on the beaches of Langkawi, trundle around Myanmar, and finally, munch my way around a bit of South Korea, before returning home laden with a rucksack and 2 carry on bags full of textiles, beauty products, stationery and coffee.

As the end of the year comes hurtling towards us, I’m off to S America, namely Costa Rica.  Primarily for a 5 day retreat in the jungle, full of yoga, vegan food and good stuff, but also to explore around and about.  No agenda yet, but flights are booked!


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A week on the White Isle

I recently returned from my annual trip to the north of Ibiza, a week of things that I love – yoga, good food, great coffee, meandering around markets and what I don’t enjoy….despite the above giving lie to it…frickin’ lashings of rain. The time of year – end of April, is a good indication that … Continue reading A week on the White Isle

Yum mung pancake, cheesecake heaven, cats and kakao crayyyy-zeeness

The last few days in Seoul and sleeping on an air mattress was pure bliss – as was the massage at nearby spa.  CC and I were next to each other and the man attempting to unlock the rictus mess that was my back said to her aghast, ‘why are her muscles so tight, what … Continue reading Yum mung pancake, cheesecake heaven, cats and kakao crayyyy-zeeness

Spa-clean in Gyeong-ju

A bus ride from Busan, on a dull overcast day and we were in Gyeong-ju, known as the ‘museum without walls’ due to the number of tombs, temples, rock carvings, pagodas, Buddhist statuary and palace ruins that exist there.  It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Apparently you need a few days to explore … Continue reading Spa-clean in Gyeong-ju

Busy eating eel in Busan

We took the train to Busan, Korea’s second city and to the east of Seoul, on the coast.  This trip was going to be about the fish. Our AirBnB was a guesthouse not far from the Jung-Gu metro stop, albeit after the climb out of the metro, we then had a climb up a serious … Continue reading Busy eating eel in Busan

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