Welcome to the pages of my travels for 2017 and for those that enjoyed (!) the emails – I hope you like the upgrade…

So, countdown to Costa Rica commences – jetting off at the end of November.  This time as a hag with a carry on size rolling suitcase than a rucksack, and with a very small itinerinerary – namely heading down to Manuel Antonio and staying put.  That’s a first – must be getting old, or maybe not enough time available to potter with leisure.

Initially I’m Airbnbing for beach and yoga, with the hope (and prayer) that I can iron out the various wrongs going on or about to kick off with back, hip and foot (just shoot me now, and put me out of my misery!), then I’m heading to Postada Natura for a 5 day retreat with Epic Self.  I get to relax for a day and then it’s a week in the saddle with Discovery Horseback Tours.  I’m expecting a sore arse, zero improvement in my equestrian skills and a whole heap of fun.

At the start of the year, I lumbered off to SE Asia under the weight of a mahoosive backpack to do a spot of yoga in Thailand, eat my way through Georgetown, Malaysia, build up my Vit D on the beaches of Langkawi, trundle around Myanmar, and finally, munch my way around a bit of South Korea, before returning home laden with a rucksack and 2 carry on bags full of textiles, beauty products, stationery and coffee.  This time around I’m expecting less product will be brought home, but definitely some more stories, experiences and an extra top up of coffee.



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