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2017 was top and tailed with a trip to South East Asia and South Korea in the first quarter of the year and a wildlife overload in Costa Rica at the end of the year. Moving from hag with a bag and a wrecked back to hag with a carry-on with wheels, I’m staying put with the small suitcase for the duration (albeit with an extra one tucked inside, just in case the shopping goddesses come a-caaaallling).

Turns out that 2018 is also top and tailed, this time with trips to India. February in Mandrem, Goa for a week of sun, yoga and.pooter scootering to get out and about.  There was markets to visit, beaches to lounge on, hawkers to avoid and things to see, eat and drink.  I also headed out for at least one morning of learning to use a camera…finally getting to grips with what you’re supposed to do.  Then it was back to Bombay for some sightseeing.  November and I’m going a bit further afield to Jaipur, then Gujarat to Kutch for a week of textile tour and fun in the desert before a recuperation in Goa again.  Christmas will be in Bombay – yay!  Can’t wait.  There will be textiles, there will be shopping.  There will be no leaving of homemade paper in a taxi this time….

In April I finally got to go to Paris, for the first time EVER…a long weekend and the promise of a trip to the Palace of Versailles.  I was Harry Knack which put the kibosh on much of it, so I’m going back again in October and heading out to the coast.  Before that, a trip to Starigrad, the quieter part of Hvar, Croatia for 5 days of sun and doing nothing – a welcome break after the madness of the past few months.

It’s also planning time for 2019, with a visit to Catania, Sicily, and two and a half weeks of island hopping in Greece.  I’ve not been back for over 20+  years – yikes!  Less camping and more beds and rooms this time though.  Weirdly I’ve had to plan it all out already as it’s so popular, if you want to sleep in a room then you’ve got to book now, hence the route is already arranged with an initial few nights in Athens before heading out to Naxos, Koufonis, Santorini and Amorgos.  There’s just a mere 2 nights to play with, which will be somewhere mainland bound I guess.

As for 2017, a mildly distance dream of Costa Rican airbnb, beach, yoga, and ceremony at Posada Natura  as part of a 5 day retreat with Epic Self, followed by a week in the saddle with Discovery Horseback Tours and a veritable overload of wildlife wonderousness around Playa Hermosa.  Not even a 7 hour delay at San Juan International Airport couldn’t dent the joyousness and pura vida of this gorgeous country.  Coffee, clothing and jewellery were the order of the day, although pared back due ot bag size…

Prior to all of that I had lumbered off to SE Asia under the weight of a mahoosive backpack to do a spot of yoga in Thailand, eat my way through Georgetown, Malaysia, build up my Vit D on the beaches of Langkawi, trundle around Myanmar, purchasing a somewhat dodgy wheelie that promptly fell apart as I  munched my way around a bit of South Korea, overladen with a stuffed rucksack and 2 carry on bags full of textiles, beauty products, stationery and coffee.

So grab a caffeinated drink so there’s no danger of falling asleep and (hopefully) enjoy the journey!



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