Mercury is in retrograde….


Being retro isn’t always a good thing

Which means what precisely? Well…apparently Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, so when the planet goes retrograde — all those things go backwards. Or, in my case, be very unclear, miscommunication and misdirection everywhere.

So….arriving back into Manuel Antonio after 5 days at the retreat in Londres (Costa Rica’s London, not even close to same same but very different ) we sailed by my hotel and pulled up opposite another – ‘Casa Linda’, the driver proclaimed. ‘No, that’s Loma Linda’….but no matter we’ll go drop everyone else off and get back to the right place eventually. ..which we did. And blessings, whilst the room wasn’t ready (I was early) they did have proper working wifi so I could communicate with the horse people who a) told me they’d collect me Monday at 7.15 am. ..erm think you’re coming for me tomorrow (Sunday), b) asked where I’d be staying for the week…erm, no idea, thought I was with you guys. I’ll start looking for accommodation. …c) finally they got the remainder of the payment, as the week before I’d sent it to a random in Canada via Paypal who immediately accepted said free cash with no qualms that he was actually STEALING MY MONEY.

I had had to wake up (I say ‘wake up, what I meant was open my eyes and turn on the lights’) at 3am to ring Paypal in the U.K. to raise a dispute. They’d said it could be up to 30 days before I got the money back. I’d had so much adrenaline pumping through my body since I’d realised the cock up that I could have powered most of Manuel Antonio’s electrical supply.

Limited to no wifi in Londres meant I couldn’t check my email till Wednesday for any update. I’d sent Mr Rod Kurtz an email on the Sunday indicating my displeasure (sans swearing too!) at his thieving behaviour and reminding him that it was not a victimless crime, and to my surprise and joy the money had been refunded on Monday. Amazing what not calling someone a cunt can do for you.

Anyway, now I had the money back and access to wifi, there was much to-ing and fro-ing and then it was confirmed that I had my accommodation and I was being collected on Sunday but that the riding doesn’t start time Monday. ..means I get a day back to relax and hopefully have some sun time. It’s been overcast here with a lot of rain so some brightness is welcome. However it does turn out they’re not as close to Manuel Antonio as I thought but further up the coast toward Jaco near Playa Hermanos. Oooo new place to visit. Ooooo expensive taxi ride because I can’t organise for shit. Check the details next time cos winging it ain’t working for me!



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